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The Best Tailors in Ho Chi Minh City


Hoi An seems to be most popular city in Vietnam for being home to age-old and prestigious tailors. If you’re a beginner in the bespoke industry, check out our full guide to tailoring in Hoi An. And don’t you worry if you’re staying in Ho Chi Minh City, because the best tailors here will serve you just right. 

Phan’s Custom Tailor

Hoi An

This tailor is praised by many travel guidance sources as the best tailor in Ho Chi Minh City. It really lives up to this name as a large number of customers have come here and left with absolute satisfaction. They customize fashion for both men and women and offer a wide range of clothing designs, from fancy suits to accessories. Located on a peaceful street in the heart of the ever busy Ho Chi Minh City, Phan’s Tailor makes this innate pleasurable experience even better. 

There are many fabrics to choose from, so you will never be bored browsing the shop. Plus, the staff is very friendly, helpful, and supportive during the tailoring process to make sure that you have the exact suit you want. Their overall service is professional due to their careful measurements and multiple fittings to make a great suit. If you have any special requests on styling or even delivery, just state it in advance and Phan’s team will get it done for you. They also keep a permanent record of customers’ measurements so it’s very convenient for those who want to re-order. If you’re not in Ho Chi Minh City, fear not because Phan’s tailor has online services for distance customers. All it takes is a chat about types of fabric, buttons, stitching, and anything else necessary for tailoring a suit and you’re done!

The price is fairly reasonable for such high quality and professional service. The average price for a custom-made suit at Phan’s is around 200 to 300 USD. Turnaround time is quick: you can have your order in a maximum four days. Happy staff, quality service, talented tailors, fair price, what else could possibly make your experience better in a tailoring shop?

Address: 311 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Contact: +84 129 697 7888
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 7 AM
Website: Phan Tailor 

H&D Tailor

H&D Tailor is also known as a fine tailor store in Ho Chi Minh City for its exceptional service and skillful tailors. Situated in one of the first five-star hotels here – New World Hotel, it has advantageous access to a wide range of traveling customers. Also, its space and design are very impressive with luxurious furniture and smart use of lighting to call attention to the high quality fabric and samples. Customers are well taken care of the moment they walk into H&D by their thoughtful, polite, and discerning employees. Unlike the regular tailoring stores in the city, everyone here has their own responsibility for specific parts of the tailoring process. You’ll experience a clear and smooth service from the very beginning to end. I have to say they pay great attention to the smallest details because you even get to choose buttons in a comprehensive catalog. These extra steps will guarantee a beautiful suit personalized just for you. 

H&D does not take fabric from customers to keep a consistency in their product quality. This should not worry you at all as they use imported-only materials from Italy and England. They also write down customers’ measurements in a database and always double check with you about size, form, and style depending on the fabric types. Know that you’re in good hands because your custom suit is being meticulously crafted by talented and skillful tailors. For payment policy, you’ll have to pay 50% of the total cost when you decide to place your order, take your body measurements, and finalize the style. The rest will be settled on the first fitting, which is really important as they can make instant changes to your suit until you’re satisfied. 


H&D also offers worldwide shipping service and online orders for foreign customers.

In the tailoring industry in Ho Chi Minh City, this is mostly like a five-star store because their product and service all surpass customers’ expectations on making a custom garment. It you’re in Vietnam and long for a high-class tailored suit, this is what you’re looking for.

Address: Pham Hong Thai Street, New World Saigon Hotel, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Contact: +84 92 292 05 57
Opening hours: Tuesday 2 PM – 7 PM
                          Wedesday – Monday 8 AM – 7 PM
Website: H&D Tailor 

Phi Phi Tailor  

phi phi

This tailor shop has an ideal location for tourists as it’s only around 100 meters away from Ben Thanh Market. Your tailoring process will generally take two to three visits so it can be quite troubling if your tailor shop is located too far from the city center. Another highlight is the gentle and professional service characteristic of this tailoring shop. A friendly and enthusiastic staff will listen carefully to your request and give helpful advice. They won’t nag or force a sale, this is especially important for foreign tourists in a busy neighborhood like this. 

After discussing your ideas, you will choose your preferred fabric followed by a more detailed consult about the style. Next comes the most important step: measurement. Phi Phi’s tailors are extremely fastidious with customer measurements and will make suitable adjustments to your chosen materials and form. This helps reduce the risk of varied sizes and it also reduces the number of fittings in the future. Your final customized clothes will likely depend on the number of orders Phi Phi has at the moment. But usually it doesn’t take more than three days. If you still feel that there are some necessary changes to be done after receiving the product, don’t hesitate to talk to the tailors as they’re always willing to fix it according to your preference. Note in your itinerary that they are closed on Sundays. 

You can also request orders for your family and friends as long as you can provide their measurements and clothing style. Phi Phi will tailor special gifts that will fit your dearest ones perfectly. However, note that this store does not have international delivery services like Phan and H&D so you will have to stay in Ho Chi Minh City until the due date to get your custom suits.

Address: 183 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Contact: +84 93 270 71 86
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 8 PM
Website: Phi Phi Tailor

Minh Nguyen Tailor

If you need a decent tailor store with nice quality and reasonable prices, especially with a quick turnaround time, Minh Nguyen Tailor is the place for you. This is a family-run business; Ms. Loan being the store owner and also the chief tailor. She speaks fluent English and Japanese, which has helped a great deal when dealing with customers as this business requires detailed and thorough communication between the two parties. Ms. Loan’s sparkling and friendly personality earns her many compliments from customers. Many feel very comfortable working with her and some customers have even become her friend after the fitting process. Other than tailoring, she will also guide you through picking the fabric and facilitating a style orientation so the whole process is more consistent in comparison with other big tailor shops.

tiem may

Minh Nguyen Tailor specializes in women’s clothes such as cocktail dresses, suits, blazers, shirts, etc. You can show Ms. Loan pictures of your favorite outfit samples and she will advise you through the eyes of an expert to produce the best version. The next part is measurements and then you’ll proceed to payment, and that’s it, you’re done! It only takes you around one to two days to fit and finalize your clothes. Overall, Minh Nguyen finishes tailoring faster than other similar shops in the city. If you’re in a big rush, she will help you complete your order in your desired time frame, but this comes with a small extra fee. Even though Ms. Loan is famous for female styles, her men’s tailoring skills are also amazing!

If you are really in need of a good tailored suit or dress, Minh Nguyen is a smart choice. Great service, quality product, charming tailor, all for a reasonable price, who can ask for more?

Address: 38 Thu Khoa Huan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Contact: +84 90 309 36 56
Opening hours: 9 AM – 7:30 PM

Viet Thanh Silk

Viet Thanh Silk has been active in Ho Chi Minh City for more than 20 years, so it’s also very familiar to locals. This shop specializes in high quality silk. They have an impressive turnaround time thanks to a great team of skilled tailors and slick assistants. You can receive your products in 12 to 30 hours and that includes fittings as well. The store is quite small but is stocked with tons of tailoring materials for you to choose from. Besides silk, they have other fabrics of many quality levels. Plus, Viet Thanh sells a lot of ready-to-wear ao dai, dresses, and suits in various sizes so customers can have more options. They’re pleased to make adjustments to these clothes to fit you better if you request it.

The staff here is well-known for being very dedicated, funny, flexible, and they even have good English skills. They can actually change their opening and closing hours just to make sure you get your suits on time. Another reason why you should have your dress made with Viet Thanh Silk is their reasonable price. Online orders and international shipping are also available.

One interesting thing about Viet Thanh Silk is that they’re really good at replicating famous party or wedding dresses. This can save customers money because of it. All it takes is a picture of the garment and your personal description. Make some customized changes to the body form, length, color, and BOOM, you’ve got your own wedding dress!

So if you want to have a wide selection with a competitive price and no wait-time, Viet Thanh is your ideal place!

Address: 129 Le Thanh Ton, District, Ho Chi Minh City
Contact: +84 8 3823 2077
Opening hours: Sunday 9 AM – 7 PM
                         Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM
Website: Viet Thanh Silk

This concludes my recommendations for the best tailor shops in Ho Chi Minh City. This list is tailored just for you: travelers from anywhere in the world with a strong passion to discover Vietnam at its best!

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